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Since moving to Muskoka, Ontario from the east coast of Canada, we had to discover where to shop, eat and how to live a plant based lifestyle in this gorgeous location. It was fun to discover a new place, but at times challenging to find just where to shop and what to buy everyday that matched our values.
We wanted to create a community resource where others could find guidance, real honest reviews, education, recipes and info on how to live a kinder, healthier life. 

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ALCHEMY NORTH All Natural Cosmetics { Muskoka }


Beautiful All Natural Cosmetics.

Alchemy North was created in 2017 by two amazing women with an idea to bring natural skincare and beauty products to the Northern Ontario. Melodie and Amy are the perfect pair with a clear vision and dedication to ethical natural products. Not to mention they are both really sweet and fun - the kind of women you would want in your pocket of friends.

I first met Amy at an event in Port Carling earlier this year. She had her products on display and we got to chatting. She sent me off with a skincare collection - Moroccan Rose which fits my skin type, which is generally combination or sensitive at times.  (Moroccan Rose Collection pictured to the right)

Their beauty line is 100% Vegannot tested on animals and environmentally         conscious which makes my heart happy!

The faces and founders of Alchemy North - Melodie and Amy.  Rocking thirty-something like superwomen - moms to toddlers, wives, and business owners















My absolute favorite of the trio I tried was the Moroccan Rose Facial Bar (For all skin types) 87g 

A beautiful, solid bar that smells like a spa and leaves your face feeling clean and refreshed but not dry. I LOVE this soap and to be honest, it's the best facial soap I've ever tried! Not to mention, how pretty does this look? You can tell they take their products seriously, from research and development of ingredients and materials used, to their trendy modern product labels and brand. These two have immense product knowledge and a great understanding of the cosmetics industry and skin care. Creating skin care is a science and responsibility one should take very seriously and they certainly do. 

Product Details

The Moroccan Rose Facial Bar is a great cleanser for every skin-type, however it was formulated to be gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin-types. This bar is very lightly scented.
The star ingredients in this bar are:
Alchemy North Skin Oil, Moroccan​ Clay, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Sandalwood essential oil, Rose essential oil, Frankincense essential oil

This combination will nourish, detoxify, help remove blackheads, minimize pores, even out skin tone, re-balance oil production while gently cleansing and moisturizing. 
Our in-house, handcrafted healing oil is full of hand picked herbs and flowers that sooth, nourish, brighten and heal the skin from inflammation, redness, ageing, acne, eczema and psoriasis. If there were such things as an elixir of life, this would be the elixir of beautiful, radiant skin.

Price: $18






Exfoliating Mask - Moroccan Rose (for all skin types) 28g

The exfoliating mask comes in a powder form that looks like hot chocolate powder. Mix with water to desired consistency. I found it was just the right amount of grit to exfoliate my face but not strip it dry. A very nice natural feel with a refreshing result. 

Ingredients and instructions are perfectly labelled on every container. 

Product Details: Moroccan Rhassoul clay is well known for it's ability to cleanse, purify and nourish the skin. This clay reduces dry skin, enhances the clarity of the complexion, and extracts debris from pores. With continued use, skin becomes flawless, free of blackheads, acne and dry skin, leaving you with smooth, clear, glowing skin. Best for all skin types; great for removing and preventing blackheads.

Ingredients: Oryza sativa, Hectorite, sodium bicarbonate, rosa mosqueta oil (rosehip), rosa damascena oil (rose absolute)

Price: $18 CAD










Oil Cleanser Moroccan Rose (for all skin types) 59ml

I just love the scent of rose in this cleanser - just like a spa in a bottle - so lovely! The cleanser is oil based and a toner is recommended for following up with however I was fine with some hot water in the shower.  

Product Details: This cleansing oil was formulated for dry and sensitive skin-types. The oils chosen for this cleanser aid in helping skin health, reducing acne, restoring the balance of oil production and decreasing the skin irritations that can accompany dry and sensitive skin. We added some of our handcrafted oil infusion that was formulated to aid in improving skin health.

Price: $22 CAD








Overall, I love the brand, beautiful products and what they stand for. I cannot wait to see how their company grows and try more products!

Good luck ladies! 


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Phone: (705) 662-9505

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